Wood Design Notebook with Sticky Note and Pen


Creative and corporately branded notebooks come in wood designs and come with sticky notes and pens. This notepad’s cover was made from sturdy cardboard that was 100 percent recycled. They are thus sturdy and environmentally sustainable notebooks. There are two sections to this wooden notebook. Different-sized colorful sticky notes are included in one section. The other portion features a pen holder, note pages, and a pen.

Additionally, the closing ring and button are really inventive. Consequently, it’s a fantastic innovative promotional product for promoting your business or brand. Consequently, you can utilize these notebooks in a variety of ways. It has a dark brown cover. The pen, on the other hand, has a white tip and clips on a cardboard barrel. Consequently, it’s the ideal corporate present.

For adding vibrant and imaginative logos, it has a screen printing option. Therefore, for your clients and coworkers, these are the ideal corporately branded notebooks. This notebook can also be given away. Additionally, you can give them out as corporate gifts during professional gatherings. Additionally, this notebook is quite portable and small.

  • Made with dependable recycled cardboard.
  • The best promotional product for marketing initiatives.
  • Green and original product.
  • Includes a beautiful and environmentally friendly pen.
  • Bright sticky notes.


Printing Options

  • Screen Printing
Weight 0.156 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 15.5 × 2.3 cm
HS Code 48201000
Country of Origin China


Branding Notebook

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